E4 Max Shinkansen Bullet

Series E4 "Max" Shinkansen, developed in 1994 as a full double-decker bullet train, is unique in its aerodynamic design, with its long and low nose and cabin shaped like an airoplane's.

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K-On!: Keihan 600 Series K-On! Ho-Kago Tea...

Scale: 1/150 Skill Level 3 Manufacturer. Platz

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Master-Set M1

Master-Set M1 Manufacturer: Kato

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Master-Set M2

Master-Set M2 Manufacturer: Kato

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Starter Set - EF210 Locomotive with...

EF210 Locomotive with Container Freight Cars - Starter-Set: High quality and performance freight cars set, with detailed design and wonderful craftsmanship. Containers can be unloaded from the...

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Starter Set - Series N700 Shinkansen Nozomi...

Series N700 Shinkansen Nozomi Bullet Train - Starter Set:  Excellent quality and performance, with detailed design and wonderful craftsmanship. Equipped with a system which inclines the...

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